29 June 2016

Day of the Diplodocids Redux

And he means business -- just check out that switchblade comb.
[by the author]
Remember Tschopp et al 2015? You know the paper... Brontosaurus is back! Huzzah and tally-ho and all that. I wrote about it here, nearly 15 months ago. I'm bringing it back up now because it will be relevant to a post that I've had in the works for a little while now. That should hopefully materialise here within the next little while but before it does, let's look back at good ol' Brontosaurus and see what was really important about its resurrection from the open grave of taxonomic obsolescence...

28 June 2016

It Came From Dinovember III: The Dinosaur Drawings That Would Not Die

Never fear, Raven Lunatics, Noah's Ravens is back from another totally unplanned and largely unnecessary hiatus. Before we dive into new material around these here parts, it's high time I finished up my Dinovember recap, a shameful seven months after the actual event. Without further ado...