10 November 2016

Dinovember 2016, Day 10

Pompadours have been popular for a very long time. 
Name: Lambeosaurus magnicristatus
Meaning: [palaeontologist Lawrence] Lambe's reptile with a great crest
Time: Late Cretaceous, c 74.8 million years ago
Place: Alberta and possibly Montana
Size: around 9 metres (29.5 feet) long
Type of Dinosaur: lambeosaurin lambeosaurine (helmeted hollow-crested duckbill dinosaur)

The lambeosaurines are duckbill dinosaurs known for their elaborate headgear. These plant-eating dinosaurs sported large, hollow crests that would have been flashy visual signals and may also have aided them in enhancing vocalisations by acting as a resonating chamber. Lambeosaurus magnicristatus has one of the biggest crests in the group, a huge, forward-angled pompadour-like structure. This species is known from fewer remains than some of its close cousins, which seem to show potential male/female dimorphism in crest shape and size; perhaps Lambeosaurus magnicristatus did too.

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