12 November 2016

Dinovember 2016, Day 11

Sorry, got a day behind in posting. I'll post two in a row here...

The Terror of the South, looking very regal.
Name: Acrocanthosaurus atokensis
Meaning: high-spined reptile from Atoka [County, Oklahoma]
Time: Early Cretaceous, c 112 million years ago
Place: Texas, Oklahoma, and probably elsewhere in the US
Size: up to 11.5 metres (37.7) long, probably between 5.7-7.3 tonnes (6.3-8 tonnes)
Type of Dinosaur: carcharodontosaurid allosauroid ('landshark' predatory dinosaur)

You may remember seeing photos of this dinosaur's skeleton here on the blog not too long ago. I decided to do a restoration of it, as it's among my favourite dinosaurs. Acrocanthosaurus must have been a truly incredible animal to behold in life; its high spines would have given it a deep body profile, and its large, sleekly sloped head would've made an impressive display structure too. I didn't want to make it too adorned, as it is essentially an active pursuit predator (albeit a rather slow one) that would have been actively trailing and attacking huge sauropods, as shown by footprint evidence.

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